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September 15th, 2014

Dark Goddess Loops Collection


I am thrilled to introduce you all to My *Dark Goddess’ Loops* collection. The idea for this came from a conversation with a subject long ago who said that ….he would love to combine “tiny sessions”, for the times when he was doing little tasks around the house or chores, and these “tiny sessions” would work as a type of subliminal messages in a way that would …as he called it ….sneak up on him and make an imprint on his mind. His idea inspired Me and I started out with 5 ….then came another 5 ……and then I just added “tiny sessions” whenever I was in the mood to create. VERY popular and since the initial introduction, I’ve received MANY letters from subjects thanking Me for creating these golden nuggets of wickedness :-)

These recordings are short but INCREDIBLY effective, and each one of them will leave a mark on your conscious frame of Mine (no, that's no typo!!). :)

Right off the bat you may be thinking that “5 minutes can’t do much of anything” – but that’s where I prove you wrong, and happily so.

These recordings deal with the all aspects of the emotional, spiritual and psychological which creates the bond you feel when it comes to hypnosis, erotic or otherwise. Each one helps you feel attached and connected on a much deeper level. While you let go, you get sucked in; sucked into that place, that state that makes you feel SO good, inside and out.

You can use them as nightly loops or during the day as background ambience, not too loud to distract but loud enough to be heard. The best results will happen when you're wearing headphones, of course – but the loops work as “eyes open” hypnotic tools as well. Try it and see how you will like it.

Either way you choose to use these loops, you will feel their impact ……believe Me.

NOTE: When you write your review and give Me feedback, please remember to emphasize which loop you’re referring to by capitalizing the title of the session, such as “HUSH” or “FALL INTO”.

My “Dark Goddess’ Loops” collection for more description.

Use the "Leave a comment" link and write your reviews for My reading pleasure and allow others to be guided and inspired, perhaps even tempted a little by what *YOU* think of My loops ☺




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