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September 10th, 2014

Tight Fit


”Tight Fit” is a fusion of 3 delicious components:

1: A highly requested long *deep sleep* induction
2: A stern and relentless mid-section done “Dark Goddess” style &
3: A smooth and VERY erotic end-section, feeding your desire to stroke without release.

That gives you a sensational hypnotic mp3; an irresistible mix between sweet and subtle – and flat out explicit and “meaty” :-) Really hard to put into one specific box, but I’ve decided that it really does belong in the *Pure arousal* category. When you listen to it, you’ll understand why :-)

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 38 minutes.
Music: Very soft, un-intrusive soothing music.
Special effects: Yes, through the induction part, only. 
Wake up command: Yes.

Sample: Here
Buy session: Here
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Mindfuckeress Extraordinaire


Sometimes a little delicious, addictive, irresistible erotic, hypnotic brainwashing is exactly what you need more than anything else, and when you come to Lady Radiance, it’s exactly what you get, because I’m your most divine Mindfuckeress Extraordinaire. I know exactly how to do it and I know exactly how to deal with YOUR mind.

I like ….no, correction …..I absolutely adore planting thoughts in your mind, ideas and notions that, when you least expect it, I will appear in your brain; echoes of My voice will be heard in your ears and you even get a hunch that you can feel Me there, nomatter where you are.

Maybe, just maybe, you even convince yourself that you can smell My perfume, even without knowing for certain what it’s called; it’s the air of sophistication and elegance with a touch of something floral and feminine that draws your attention towards Me – and you’re not wrong. Not wrong at all.

What I adore so much about erotic hypnosis as brainwashing is the implantation process itself. I find the whole process of embedding thoughts and ideas that may confuse and puzzle you at strange times, so playfully wicked, so seductively devious and such a fucking turn on.

What can I say? I’m the born Mindfuckeress Extraordinaire :-)

Designed for: Male subjects.
Duration: 34 mins.

Main track with slight voice effect.
Powerful suggestions and a trigger.
Soft, soothing music, low, with subtle, built-in theta brainwaves.
Count up and Wake-up fingersnap.

Listen to sample: Here
Buy session: Here
Visit My website: Here



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